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March 2, 2016

Where possible, the medals listed here are attributed using CH numbers ("Medallic Portraits of Adolf Hitler" by R.W. Colbert and William D. Hyder)

1933 Medal, C-30, Bronze, Uncirculated.  36 mm.  Image

1933 Medal, C-33, Bronze, About Uncirculated+, looped (as made).  Hitler and Hindenburg.  30 mm.  $150.00 Reduced to $135.00  SOLD

1933 Medal, C-33, Bronze, Uncirculated.  Hitler and Hindenburg.  36 mm.  $200.00 Reduced to $180.00  SOLD

1938 Medal, C-114, Bronze, Uncirculated.  36 mm.  $200.00 Reduced to $180.00  SOLD

#2502 1934 Pinback Medal, C-211, Pot Metal, Extremely Fine.  35 mm.  For the Winterhilfe (Winter Help) program of 1933-1934 in north Westphalia.  Some of the original silvering still remains.  Missing the reverse pin.  $100.00 Reduced to $70.00


#512 Undated Medal, CH-unlisted, Aluminum, Choice Uncirculated.  34 mm.  The youthful portrait of Hitler (somewhat similar to CH-2), indicating an early issue.  These were issued with hangers; on this piece, it has been skillfully removed.  I've seen only two pieces: one with a hanger, and this example.  RARE!!!  SOLD

Undated Brown Plastic (Bakelite?) Medallion, Uncirculated.  Massive 134 mm.  Unlisted in Colbert, but similar to C-355.  Integral hanger on the reverse.  First I have seen or handled.  $550.00 Reduced to $425.00



Glass Hitler Medal from the 20 piece "Famous Germans" set (see below).  36 mm tall by 30 mm wide.  Perfect condition, with the original twine hanger still attached.  $200.00 Reduced to $145.00

20-piece "Famous Germans" set.  Each is a glass cameo of a famous German, including such names as Immanuel Kant, Albrecht Durer, Beethoven, Bismarck, and the most infamous of all, Adolf Hitler.  Each measures 36 mm tall by 30 mm wide.  These were made in the 1930's for sale to collectors.  Full sets are very rare, and this is a nice one.  $300.00 Reduced to $200.00