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Price List German States Coins – Raw, non-certified coins of the German States Period.
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German States coin include those issued by the myriad of German cities, principalities, regions, and states from the period between the 1500’s and the beginning of World War I.  Even after consolidating as an empire in 1871, Germany continued to issue silver coin for the major State, such as Prussia, Saxony, Wurttemberg, Bavaria, etc.  Each state was allowed to use its own specific obverse, while a generic reverse was used on the reverse.

Collecting German States coins is an enjoyable, lifelong pursuit.  You’ll find a wide variety of denominations, including Stubers, Pfennigs, Thalers(and their fractions and multiples), Groschen, Batzen, Hellers, and so many more.  Most German States coins are reasonably priced and hundreds of them, if not thousands, can be purchased for under $20.

Most collectors of German States coins fall into two categories: 1) those who seek one coin from each issuing entity or 2) those who focus on a particular issuing entity.

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