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Hitler & Nazi Medals Hubs & Dies
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The following hubs and dies were used by Karl Goetz (and later his son, Guido) to create some of the most famous historical medals ever issued. In this section, all of the medals feature Adolph Hitler. The Kienast reference number comes from “The Medals of Karl X. Goetz” by Gunter W. Kienast. The C number is from “Medallic Portraits of Hitler” by R.W. Colbert and W.D. Hyder. Hubs show the design in positive relief; they are the most significant and desirable because they were used to create the dies (negative images) that were used to strike the actual medals; multiple dies can be made from a single hub. The following list contains numerous matched sets of hubs and dies in a variety of diameters. Each of the hubs and dies is marked with the Kienast # in ink and a separate, individual identification number (usually a single digit). Most of the dies and hubs developed light rust over the years — this has all been removed and the surfaces have been polished — all are in excellent condition. Images will be added soon or they can be made available upon request.

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