Germany WWII Panzer (Tank) Badge, Excellent condition



Embossed pinback badge with the original pin still intact and operational.  60 mm tall.  A most impressive example in excellent condition, with no noticeable flaws except for some faint beginnings of pesting on the right side of the reverse.  As with all of our coins and medals, this piece is guaranteed genuine.

From Wikipedia:

The Panzer Badge (German: Panzerkampfabzeichen) was a World War II military decoration of Nazi Germany awarded to troops in armoured divisions. Before 1 June 1940 it was known as the Panzerkampfwagenabzeichen.

Introduced on 20 December 1939, the Panzer Badge was authorized for award to tank crews who had actively participated in three armoured assaults on different days.

On 1 June 1940 a bronze version was created for panzer grenadier units equipped with armoured vehicles, as well as other infantry, armoured reconnaissance and medical units serving with Panzer divisions. From 31 December 1942 armoured unit repair teams could receive the silver badge for repairing tanks in combat conditions on three different days.

In June 1943 additional Tank Badges were instituted in both silver and bronze to reward participation in 25, 50, 75 and 100 armoured actions. The number of engagements required for these higher-level badges could be reduced for those with previous long and continuous frontline service or who had received disabling wounds. Only one badge, the highest level received, could be worn.

The authorization of these badges was usually done at regimental or divisional level.

The badge is oval and consists of a three-quarters front image of a Panzer IV tank, surrounded by an oak wreath and surmounted by the Wehrmacht eagle and swastika. The badge for tank crews is silver in colour, with a bronze finish version for other eligible combatants serving with armoured divisions. The badge, measuring 42mm by 61mm, has a brooch pin and was worn on the left side of the tunic.

The versions for 25 and more engagements are of broadly the same design, but are slightly larger with a small plaque at the base of the wreath bearing the number of actions rewarded. While still issued in silver and bronze, the 25 and 50 silver versions show the tank with a black finish, with both the silver and bronze 75 and 100 badges having a gilded wreath. The 75 and 100 badges are wider, measuring 51mm by 60mm and were struck in a lightweight zinc alloy; ensuring that the larger pin did not pull inconveniently on the tunic.