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German paper Notgeld (Emergency Money)
Lot of 100 notes for $100, multiple lots available
Minimal duplication, some circulated notes, but mostly Unc.
The image above is to illustrate a typical lot


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PCGS Certified German and World
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German States (1500-1918)
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Imperial Germany (1871-1918)
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Weimar Germany (1919-1933)
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Nazi Germany (1933-1945)
Better-date and better-grade individual coins
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Nazi Germany (1934-1939)
holesale pricing on bulk lots

Hitler and Nazi Medals

Karl Goetz Dies

Kienast 483, C-34,
matched set of obverse die #14 and reverse die #17, 36 mm diameter $4,000|
Karl Goetz Dies for Hitler Medals

West Germany (1948-Date)
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East Germany (1948-1990)
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Porcelain Coins and Medals
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Notgeld (Emergency Money) Metal Tokens
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German Patterns (Prototype Coins)
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World Coins
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