CoinKing® Numismatic Services

Numismatist Ron Guth is well recognized through his CoinKing® brand coin service. The CoinKing® services offers both consulting expertise and high-quality certified and raw U.S. and world coins. The German specimens seen below were part of the award-winning CoinKing® collection, certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), and many were displayed at the 2013 Annual Convention of the American Numismatic Association. All are presently available for purchase. Here is the link to the press release for the exhibition of the CoinKing® coins.

In addition to German specimens, Ron and the CoinKing® services also work with collectors who want the finest U.S. and world coins for their PCGS Registry Sets. Because PCGS maintains a competitive coin registry that allows coin collectors to list and display their coins and collections in the U.S. or World coin collection Registry, the collectors compete against each other in numerous categories. The top collections in a given U.S. or World coin category contain the finest known examples and, when a collection achieves 95% completion, PCGS will reholder the coins using the name of the collection on the grade label insert. In this case, CoinKing® refers to the collection/inventory of Ron Guth, whose expertise in German coins in particular, is without equal.

The CoinKing® numismatic service offers raw coins as well, placing select U.S. and World specimens with discerning buyers, and the CoinKing® inventory, can be viewed in any of the categories in the “Coins for Sale” pull-down menu at upper left.

Renowned numismatist Ron Guth, through his CoinKing® Numismatic Service, offers a rare chance for collectors to obtain distinctive coins that have been hand-picked by Ron for their high-quality and eye appeal, as well as the extraordinary world-class coins labeling under the CoinKing® pedigree.

CoinKing Coins - Registry Set by Ron Guth
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