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We have US Coins, too! PCGS, NGC and other Certified US Coins.

Certified coins are those that have been authenticated by third-party coin grading services.  With rare exceptions, we only handle coins that have been certified by top-tier services.  Our preferred service is the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), but we also handle Numismatic Guaranty Corporation coins (NGC) because of the large number of world coins they have certified in the past.  Both services run registries where collectors can post their coins in a variety of different sets, then compete against other collectors for a top spot in the category.  We specialize in building and maintaining registry sets for collectors of top-graded German coins.  On the lower end, we also offer certified coins which are often priced at or below catalog, which means the cost of certification is basically free.  We recommend that any high-value coins, German or otherwise, be certified to ensure quality and authenticity.

While our primary focus is on German coins, we also handle U.S. coins.  This may included U.S. Colonial coins, pre-Federal coinage issues, regular issue U.S. coins, Proof coins, Pattern coins, Territorial coins, and associated medals and tokens.  U.S. coins represent one of the largest coin markets and most price records have been set by U.S. coins.  Some of the most popular ares include Silver Dollars, Lincoln Cents, Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Head Dimes, Standing Libery Quarter Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars and classic U.S. Commemorative coins.  The field is so large, that we suggest collectors specialize in type sets (one example of each of the different coinage design changes), a particular denomination (Indian Head Cents, as an example), or die varieties (one example from each die pair used to strike coins).  If you have questions or need help, please call us at 858-349-8270 or email ron @germancoins.com.

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