USA 1900 Barber Half Dollar, Good

USA 1900 Barber Half Dollar, Good


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USA 1900 Barber Half Dollar, Good

Coins are named in strange ways.  Normally, they are named after the design elements (i.e Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Buffalo Nickel, etc.) or the person on the coin (i.e. Washington Quarter Dollar, Franklin Half Dollar, etc.).  Sometimes, however, they are named after the designer (i.e. Morgan Dollar, Paquet Double Eagle, etc.).  Technically, the Dimes of this style, issued from 1892-1916, should be called Liberty Head Dimes, but for some reason they were named after their designer, Charles Barber.  The same is true of the similarly designed Quarter Dollars and Half Dollars of this period.

The Barber Half Dollar series, unlike the Barber Dimes and Quarters, is within the means of most collectors.  There are no ultra-rarities in the series and most examples can be obtained with ease.  Mid-range grades, such as Very Fine and Extremely Fine, can be a real challenge to find, plus they can be pricey because they are so popular.

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